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An easy and effective way to find other members who have the same interests as you is to join Groups of your interest and participate in discussions. Groups on Japan Dating Site enable people with a shared interest to come together and share information and tips with each other through Group discussions.

Here are some ways you can find Groups that are in line with your interests.

Browse Group Directory

The Group directory lists all the Groups on Japan Dating Site, so if you have a bit more time, you can take a look at all the existing Groups and see if you’d like to join them. You will be able to view the Group name, description, and icon in the directory. However, discussion topics and comments are only visible after you join the Group.

Keyword Search in Groups

Searching for a Group using keyword search is the fastest way to target your search to Groups that match your interest. This saves a substantial amount of time when you only wish to join selective Groups.

See the Groups Your Favorite Members Joined

While viewing a member's profile, you can see which Groups he/she has joined on the left side of the profile. This is a great way to discover new Groups. When you come across a profile that interests you, chances are that member also joined groups that are of interest to you as well.

Request to Create a Group

If you don't see a Group that represents your interest and you feel that it fits the international character of Japan Dating Site, we strongly encourage you to request to create a Group, and to play an active role in moderating and leading the Group’s discussions.

Learn how to navigate around Groups in our User Guide.