How Can We Help?

The Guide

  • An Introduction

Photo Recommendations

  • Women
    • Say More with a Flirtatious Photo
    • Take an Angled Shot
    • Include a Cleavage Shot
  • Men
    • Don’t Maintain Eye Contact
    • Show Off Those Great Abs
    • Do Something Interesting

Profile Recommendations

  • Craft a Striking Profile Headline
  • Create Emotions By Being Specific
  • Show, Rather Than Tell
  • Keep your Profile Fresh


  • Sending That First Message
    • Use An Interesting Message Subject
    • Keep the Message Short and Sweet
    • Bring Up Specific Interests and Ask Questions
    • Avoid Physical Compliments
    • Examples of Bad First Messages
  • 5-Step First Message Guide
  • Replying to a Message
    • You’re Interested
    • You’re Not Interested


  • Browse Group Directory
  • Keyword Search in Groups
  • See the Groups Your Favorite Members Joined
  • Request to Create a Group


  • Browse All Trips
  • Search a Specific Trip
  • Add Your Own Trips