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Profile Recommendations

Your profile is what you use to sell yourself on any dating service. Activity on your profile can vary by as much as 70% depending on how you present yourself in the free writing sections in your profile. Here are a few most effective pointers to increase the level of activity on your profile.

Craft a Striking Profile Headline

Your profile headline is one of the first things that others see on your profile. It is a one-line summary of who you are or who you’re looking for. Think of it as an elevator pitch for other members to know what you’re like and what you hope to achieve by being a member on Japan Dating Site.

Members typically browse 30-50 profile briefs per search conducted, so what helps you break through the clutter and spur them to click on your profile? Why, your profile headline, of course. Search results feature your profile headline alongside your profile photo, username, age, and city.

Unfortunately, many members do not realize they’re throwing away a good opportunity to bring themselves forward and use weak profile headlines like “hello” or “world peace”, which really doesn’t engage anyone. Or members resort to common and overused headlines like “just looking”, “trying this again”, or “looking for love”, “looking for my dream date”, and “searching for my soul mate”. These are cheesy, boring, predictable, and needy tag-lines. “Pick me, pick me” may be cute but can sound a little desperate. Add some flavor to it for a punchier headline such as “pick me and let me make you laugh”.

Think about it, you don’t want to be overlooked or appear like everyone else. Examples of great profile headlines we’ve seen include:

  • “Would you experience the world with me?”
  • “Gray matter matters most”
  • “I am the guy your mother warned you about… you know, the really fun one.”
  • “New Girl in town needs travel guide”
  • “Student of life indulges passion for culture”
  • “Inspire me to write a love poem for you”
  • “Experimental cook needs food taster”
  • “Feminine and strong in equal quantities”
  • “Office worker by day, guitar rock star by night”

Of course, you need to inject some creativity with your profile headline and make it reflect your own interests and passions.

Decide on what you want to achieve with your profile headline. What do you want to convey? Who do you want to invite into your life? What kind of interest do you want to create?

Analyze what other members write in their profile headlines to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. What is it about the headline that makes you want to click on their profile and learn more about that member?

Create Emotions By Being Specific

We have provided free-writing sections like “About Me” and “What Makes You Happy?” in the “In Your Own Words” tab when you edit your profile. These provide a good opportunity for members to express their interests, likes and dislikes.

However, many members simply state their interests, without really putting their emotions into their responses. This comes across as mundane and is not particularly convincing for other members to read on about you.

Instead of just writing “I love to travel”, try writing something like this: “I love the excitement and sense of wonder that travel brings. While backpacking in Thailand, I could see and feel history. I never fail to learn so much about the new sights and places I see during my travels, and have gotten to know myself better through these voyages.” Learn to create stories when describing your passions to others as this creates an emotional hook, leaving members really curious about you and your interests.

Show, Rather Than Tell

Showing members that you are what you say you are always works more effectively than just telling them. Don’t just say you’re kind and helpful, show it to people by describing what you do that proves it. "My Saturdays are my favorite days of the week. I volunteer at the local homeless shelter and spend three hours helping others feel better about themselves." Describing what you do that demonstrates your qualities is certainly more convincing than a statement with no substantiation.

Similarly, don’t simply tell people you’re funny, SHOW them. Most people are attracted to humor, so use it to your advantage. Let your humor shine through in your stories or expressions on your profile. Get people to laugh when they read it, because your profile should make them feel like they’re flirting with you.

Keep your Profile Fresh

Change your photo, profile headline, and the free response sections in your profile every once in a while. Different headlines attract different people, as do different photos. By keeping your photo, profile headline, and profile information fresh and updated, you may reach more new people.