How Can We Help?

We want to provide you the simpliest, easiest experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. We have provided instructions on the major features of the site in this section.

Using Search

What is Search?

Search is a function which allows you to filter Member profiles by a number of important dimensions including city, ethnicity, language and age group.

How Do I Use Search?

Search appears on both your Member Home and Search pages, accessible by the Navigation Bar at the top of every page.

Follow these steps to conduct a Search to view profiles that meet your criteria:

  1. Click Home or Search on the Navigation Bar
  2. Enter a City in the City field and select it from the suggested list
  3. Select Ethnicity from the dropdown menu
  4. Select Language from the dropdown menu
  5. Select a minimum age in the “From” dropdown menu
  6. Select a maximum age in the “To” dropdown menu
  7. Click Search
  8. Browse through the Search results and view profiles that interest you